Catoosa County, Georgia

"G" Marriages By Bride

Carrie Gentry 29 Jan 1893 Charles Helton
Victoria V. Gilliland 19 Aug 1869 W. N. Dunn
Annie Glenn 14 Dec 1882 Henry Taylor
Kate Gordon 09 Jan 1872 John Bird
Mollie Gordon 31 Dec 1899 V. P. Bird
Ruth Griffis 05 Jun 1881 Campbell Thompson

"G" Marriages By Groom

Jefferson Gentry 18 Dec 1892 Lillie Helton
James G. Gilbreath 25 Dec 1881 Mary Dunn
Joseph B. Gilbreath 29 Nov 1874 H. J. Dunn
R. Glover 11 Oct 1866 Elizabeth Bird
J. M. Gordy 20 Jan 1895 Mary M. Dunn
William Gray 01 Sep 1880 Holly Bird
James Green 04 Nov 1866 D. Walker

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