Catoosa County, Georgia

"D" Marriages By Bride

M. L. Dunagan 04 Sep 1883 J. E. Henderson
Alice J. Dunn 25 Sep 1889 William W. Calloway
Alley Dunn 28 Oct 1900 W. A. Bramblet
Annie E. Dunn 16 Oct 1894 Wesley A. Ault
Emma Dunn 24 May 1896 A. T. Clark
G. E. Dunn 11 Jan 1894 C. M. Quinn
H. J. Dunn 29 Nov 1874 Joseph B. Gilbreath
Laura Lee Dunn 27 Dec 1891 Nathan Lowe
M. E. Dunn 22 Apr 1894 H. L Booker
Martha J. Dunn 15 Dec 1888 J. H. Rogers
Mary Dunn 25 Dec 1881 James G. Gilbreath
Mary E. Dunn 20 Apr 1860 Thomas Sweaney
Mary M. Dunn 20 Jan 1895 J. M. Gordy
Rosa Dunn 30 Sep 1884 James Strickland
Mattie Dunsan 10 Dec 1899 Willie Dunn

"D" Marriages By Groom

Andrew Dunn 21 Nov 1897 Leona Watkins
J. W. Dunn 11 Feb 1894 M. J. Willbanks
James Dunn 15 Jan 1888 Malinda A. Smith
James W. Dunn 28 Dec 1887 Martha C. Willbanks
L. W. Dunn 29 Sep 1889 W. C. Black
Levi W. Dunn 03 Feb 1876 Mary C. Hunsucker
M. C. Dunn 10 Jan 1892 Mary L. Yates
Robert Dunn 20 Nov 1890 Stella Rogers
W. N. Dunn 19 Aug 1869 Victoria V. Gilliland
Willie Dunn 10 Dec 1899 Mattie Dunsan
James M. Dyer 05 Oct 1876 Mary Shields

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