Anchor of Hope Baptist Church 2613 Lakeview Drive Rossville, GA 706-866-8318
Battlefield Baptist Church 178 South Cedar Lane Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-1316
Battlefield Community Seventh-day Adventist Church Hillman Road Ringgold, GA 706-861-5999
Battlefield Parkway Church of the Nazarene 3220 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-9838
Bethel Church
Bible Way Baptist Church 2502 Lakeview Drive Rossville, GA 706-866-6173
Boynton Baptist Church 4093 Boynton Drive Ringgold, GA 706-866-1898
Boynton Church of God 1956 Three Notch Road Ringgold, GA 706-937-6300
Boynton Church of God 233 Brownwood Lane Ringgold, GA 706-861-9487
Boynton United Methodist Church 4246 Boynton Drive Ringgold, GA 706-866-2626
Briarwood Baptist Church 26 Ellis Springs Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-9177
Burning Bush Baptist Church 2195 Burning Bush Road Ringgold, GA 706-866-1989
Calvary Memorial Baptist Church 518 Highway 41 Ringgold, GA 706-891-9340
Cedar Hill Baptist Church 60 Dyer Bridge Place Ringgold, GA 706-858-0976
Cherokee Valley Baptist Church 1495 Cherokee Valley Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-6220
Christ Fellowship 1176 North Three Notch Road Ringgold, GA 706-937-4115
Church At Catoosa 1415 Old Mill Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-8344
Church of Living Faith 7623 Alabama Highway Ringgold, GA 706-937-5673
Clearview Baptist Church 2183 Dietz Road Ringgold, GA 706-861-3430
Cloud Springs Baptist Church 210 Cloud Springs Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-0164
Cohutta Road Church of Christ 2233 Mount Vernon Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-3884
Cross Point Community Church 75 Walker Industrial Drive Ringgold, GA 706-935-2000
Delray Baptist Church
Dogwood Valley Baptist Church 1476 Dogwood Valley Road Tunnel Hill, GA
Ebenezer Baptist Church 77 Hackett Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-7970
Faith Baptist Church 308 Boynton Drive Ringgold, GA 706-937-7091
First Baptist Church of Fort Oglethorpe 2645 Lafayette Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-0232
First Baptist Church of Lakeview
First Baptist Church of Ringgold 7611 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA 706-937-6408
First Presbyterian Church One West Harker Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-2521
First United Pentecostal Church 1556 Cloud Springs Road Rossville, GA 706-866-8638
Fort Oglethorpe United Methodist Church Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church 851 Ooltewah Ringgold road Ringgold, GA 706-935-2382
Gospel Way Baptist Church 31 Bowling Road Ringgold, GA 706-891-9866
Grace Memorial Church 7623 Alabama Highway Ringgold, GA 706-937-5673
Graysville United Methodist Church 2331 Graysville Road Ringgold, GA 706-891-9253
Harbor of Faith Church of God 2290 Cloud Springs Road Rossville, GA
Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf 1314 Old Three Notch Road Ringgold, GA 706-375-7107
Hickory Grove Baptist Church 5010 Houston Valley Road Ringgold, GA 706-673-6999
House of Prayer Church
Houston Valley Church
Immanuel Baptist Church
Indian Springs Church of God 2256 Highway 41 Ringgold, GA 706-937-3599
John Calvin Presbyterian Church 1176 North Three Notch Road Ringgold, GA 706-937-4115
Keith Baptist Church Keith Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-5494
Kingdom Hall - Jehovah's Witness 8129 Highway 41 Ringgold, GA 706-965-7439
Lake View Church
Lee Chapel GA Highway 2 Tunnel Hill, GA
Midway Church Indian Springs Road Ringgold, GA 706-937-2317
Moriah Baptist Church 2864 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-8843
Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church 560 Red Belt Road Chickmauga, GA 706-375-7409
Mount Peria Baptist Church 341 Sparks Street Ringgold, GA 706-935-4887
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 66 Westbrook Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-6511
Mount Vernon Baptist Church 1006 Mount Vernon Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-3872
Mount Zion Church
Nellie Head Memorial Baptist Church 2379 Catoosa Parkway Tunnel Hill, GA 706-935-5236
New Bethel Baptist Church 1635 Salem Valley Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-3500
New Found Glory Baptist Church 214 Old Mill Lane Ringgold, GA 706-935-5009
New Friendship Baptist Church 2822 Salem Valley Road Ringgold, GA
New Heights Baptist Church 158 Ooltewah Ringgold Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-6596
New Liberty Baptist Church 923 Graysville Road Ringgold, GA 706-937-4754
Newnan Springs United Methodist Church 78 Monanaw Avenue Rossville, GA
Oakwood Baptist Church 4031 Cloud Springs Road Ringgold, GA 706-858-8227
Old Fort Baptist Church 74 Teems Road Ringgold, GA 706-764-1420
Old Stone Church 41 Old Cohutta Road Ringgold, GA 706-935-5232
Omega Church Bible Road Rossville, GA
Orchard Church 763 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-820-6256
Parkway Baptist Temple 65 Stuart Drive Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-0325
Philadelphia Baptist Church 1065 Pine Grove Road Ringgold, GA 706-891-5683
Pine Grove Baptist Church 46 Pine Grove Access Road Ringgold, GA 706-891-2427
Pine Hill Church Pine Hill Road Tunnel Hill, GA
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 7769 Alabama Highway Ringgold, GA 706-935-3348
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 1995 Ooltewah Ringgold Road Ringgold, GA
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 422 Poplar Springs Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-4461
Post Oak Church Post Oak Road Ringgold, GA
Ringgold Church of Christ 94 Old County Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-2820
Ringgold Church of God 117 Emberson Drive Ringgold, GA 706-965-2056
Ringgold Seventh-day Adventist Church 124 Kittle Street Ringgold, GA 706-935-3741
Ringgold United Methodist Church Ringgold, GA
River of Life Church 377 Direct Connection Drive Rossville, GA 706-891-2120
Rock Pointe Church 1278 Cross Street Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-820-6523
Saint Gerard Catholic Church 3049 Lafayette Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-861-9410
Salem Baptist Church 1947 Keith Salem Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-3907
Smith Chapel Smith Chapel Road Ringgold, GA
Sonrise Community Church 1473 Cloud Springs Road Rossville, GA 706-866-7799
Stone Church Ringgold, GA
Temple of Praise 432 Mack Smith Road Rossville, GA 706-866-8268
Unity Baptist Church 14622 Stormer Road Ringgold, GA 706-891-9441
Valley View Baptist Church Chattanooga Valley Road Ringgold, GA 706-931-2901
Welcome Hill Baptist Church 4528 Ooltewah Ringgold Road Ringgold, GA 706-965-4814
Woodstation AME Zion Church 73 Side Kick Lane Ringgold, GA 706-965-3233
Woodstation United Methodist Church 13198 Alabama Highway Ringgold, GA 706-965-3360
Word For the World Baptist Church 1981 Lafayette Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 706-866-8826
Yates Spring Full Gospel Church 1300 Yates Spring Road Ringgold, GA

The above list may not contain every church in the Catoosa County area. If you know of a church that is not included, please email me with the
name and address so I can add it to the list. All additions and corrections are welcome. Thank you!

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